Online Registration of “Knowing more about Shatin Tsung Tsin” Activity Day
Information for participants:

  1. Only one parent and one P5 or P6 student in each family can join the activity.
  2. P.6 students will be prioritized if the maximum number of applications has been exceeded. Tickets will be allocated according to the order of online registration.
  3. Each participant will be allocated to only one session of the activity.
  4. The school will notify successful applicants through email and send the ticket and health declaration form by mail on or before 18/12/2021.
  5. If applicants receive the confirmation email, but fail to receive tickets from the school by mail before 28/12/2021, please call Ms Suen Yee Hang, the School Administrative Officer (School phone number: 26073881).
  6. Participants must bring along their tickets and the health declaration forms that have been filled in for the activity on 1/1/2022
  7. Participants must follow the following hygiene measures
  • All visitors must measure their body temperature while entering the school campus.
  • Visitors having a high body temperature or upper respiratory symptoms, must not enter the campus.
  • Visitors who have been in close contact with any person who is a positive case of the COVID-19 virus or under the compulsory test of COVID-19 must not enter the campus.
  • Visitors who are under the compulsory test of COVID-19 before getting the negative result must not enter the campus.
  • All visitors on campus must wear surgical masks.
  • All visitors on campus should practice social distancing.

Registration Link (11/12/2021 (SAT) Starting from 12 p.m.)

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