Information on Secondary One Admission in 2024/25

(the section will be updated in mid-November every year)

Application for S1 Discretionary Places

2/1/2024 – 16/1/2024

【Number of places:50】

Application for S1 Discretionary Places - Information

Application for S1 Discretionary Places - Form

S1 Discretionary Place Interview

9/3/2024 (SAT)

An interview will be arranged for each applicant.

Notifying Parents of Successful Applicants

27/3/2024 (WED)

In addition to a written notice, the School will contact the parents concerned by phone that day.

Choice of Schools for Central Allocation

Mid-April to Early May

【Number of places:105】

Release of Allocation Results

9/7/2024 (TUE)


S1 Registration

11/7/2024(THU) - 12/7/2024(FRI)


Pre-S1 Attainment Test

【A parent talk will be held simultaneously】

16/7/2024 (TUE)

Details will be delivered through school notice on 11/7.

Summer Courses (English, Chinese Debate, Drama)

English Course__AM Section

Chinese Debate Course__PM Section

Drama Course__PM Section

S1 Orientation Day

Details will be delivered through school notice on 11/7.

Talk for Prospective S1 Students (2023-2024)


Q & A (Chinese context only)

Videos of Mock Interview

Videos of Mock Interview