The Thanksgiving Service & Speech Day 2020 of Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School (hereinafter referred to as STTSS) was successfully held at the School Hall on 4th July 2020.

The ceremony started with a Thanksgiving Service in which Reverend Allen Yung Chi Wai shared with all STTSS graduates on the topic of “Graduates not alike”. Rev. Yung’s sermon revolved around Hebrews 13:7-9, of which the main message was that the ultimate source of confidence for Christian living, despite hardship, is our knowledge that Christ is on our side. Believers should trust in their faith, and choose to obey God, during times of struggle. Through analysing the Bible verses, Rev. Yung reminded all graduates to tell right from wrong when they come across different experiences in the future. Rev. Yung also encouraged all Shatin Tsung-Tsiners to build their confidence, embrace difficulties, and follow the words in the Bible.

After the Thanksgiving Service, the Speech Day began with the warm welcome by the Supervisor of STTSS, Ms. Joyce Man Lok Yan, who came to congratulate all graduates. She remarked that the past year was marked by an unprecedented political crisis in Hong Kong and a global pandemic, but encouraged all students with the quote “The darkest nights produce the brightest stars”. Besides, Ms. Man extended her gratitude to the Principal, teachers and all staff members for their unconditional support in offering students the best environment to learn, grow and shine, as well as to parents for giving their best to their children unconditionally and for supporting the school.

The ceremony then continued with the Annual Address by the Principal, Ms. Leung. She started by pointing out that the school has experienced countless blessings from God in the past year, and outlined the many recent achievements of Shatin Tsung-Tsiners in different areas. She particularly touched on the implementation of self-regulated learning strategies during the school suspension period and thanked teachers for continuing to support students in various ways throughout the whole year. She also briefly described the successful implementation of Christian Education in the school through a series of programmes and activities, including morning assembly sharing and Christian Education lessons which were conducted in the form of a fellowship for S1, S2 and S3students. The Principal then encouraged all graduates by stressing that Jesus will make a way and the best way for them, echoing the message conveyed by the hymn “God Will Make A Way” which was previously sung in the ceremony. Before she ended her speech, the Principal played a video which documented the efforts students have made and the memories they have got in the past six years.

Professor Joseph Sung Jao Yiu, the Mok Hing Yiu Professor of Medicine of Department of Medicine & Therapeutics of The Chinese University of Hong Kong was invited as the honorable guest speaker to share invaluable gems of wisdom for all the graduates. The sharing was based on the classic Bible story “David and Goliath”, and Professor Sung drew out the implications of the story and used them to encourage all graduates. He reminded all Shatin Tsung-Tsiners to be courageous but not proud, be flexible but not rigid, and take advantage of being a nobody but not a celebrity. He addressed the common worries young people have nowadays, but emphasised the point that tough environments will often train us to become better people. He concluded the speech by encouraging all graduates to have courage, be humble, and try multiple times if they face difficulties, and he expressed his wish to see the graduates in the campus of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

After the ceremony, all guests, parents and graduates enjoyed a light-hearted evening at the school playground where beverages were served. Guests took the opportunity to take photos with one another in order to record the special moment.