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2013-2014 Track Records over News
Newsletter from the PTA
S1 to S6 Students with Excellent Performance in Academic Year (2013-2014) 中一至中六全年學科表現優異的學生名單 (2013-2014)
2014-15 S5 Maths Extended Module Streaming Results
2014-15 中五數學延伸課程分班結果
Students' Good Writing Pieces (2013 - 2014)
Post-Exam Timetable for going over exam Scripts 試後對卷時間表
Teacher Commendation Scheme
STTSS Variety Show Video 沙崇匯演影片(09/05/2014)
STTSS Interview Workshop (2013-2014)
S6 HKDSE 2014 Oral Practice Schedule
Tsung Tsiners’ Green Action
Local tour for Chinese Literature Students 香港浸會大學 國際學院主辦 香港文學散步2014 「散步.閱讀•寫作」
Putonghua Singing Contest 13-14
Notice on interview for Secondary One Discretionary Places (2014-2015)
School English Debating Team
Invitation for Tender 各類招標資料
S1 to S5 Students with Excellent Performance in First Term (2013-2014) 中一至中五上學期學科表現優異的學生名單 (2013-2014)
Invitation for Tender 購書服務招標資料
Body Temperature Checks of Students
Introduction to STTSS and briefing for prospective S.1 Students & Application for S.1 Discretionary Places (2014-2015)
小六升中講座暨沙崇簡介 及 中一自行分配學位申請 (2014-2015)
Powerpoints for S1 & S3 Talk (09/11/2013)
Special timetables for S2-S6 on 10/10 & 11/10
Applications for Special Exam Arrangements from Candidates with special Needs
香港中學文憑考試 特別考試安排申請
TES 2013 Exhibition @ Festival Walk Germany Through the Eye of Students
School Activities
180317 沙崇職業博覽
180317 沙崇職業博覽
180309 中文科作家講座
180309 中文科作家講座
180305 中文科書展
180305 中文科書展
180227 境外升學IELTS講座
180227 境外升學IELTS講座
180222 參觀米埔
180222 參觀米埔
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