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2012-2013 Track Records over News
S1 Streaming Results 中一分班結果
Science Park 科學園
Results of Streaming for Prospective S4 Students
Namelist of S1 Drama Summer Course
S5 Math Extended Module Streaming Results
S1 to S6 Students with Excellent Performance in Academic Year (2012-2013)
中一至中六全年學科表現優異的學生名單 (2012-2013)
S4 streaming 中四選科講座
Post-Exam Timetable for going over exam Scripts 試後對卷時間表
Cancellation of the training session of English Drama Team
S6 Career Talk before the Release of HKDSE Result
Results of Mock Streaming for Prospective S4 Students
10th Infrastructure Building Competition for Secondary Schools
Interview Workshop 面試工作坊
2013 S6 HKDSE English Oral Practice Timetable
Show Windows for Students' good Writing Pieces (2012-2013) (Updated)
S6 HKDSE Chinese Oral Training Timetable 中六級文憑試中國語文科說話能力訓練時間表
Clarification on the transaction charges of using PPS
EDB NSS Seminar (S3-S5 Parents) 教育局新高中講座
S1 to S5 Students with Excellent Performance in First Term (2012-2013) 中一至中五上學期學科表現優異的學生名單 (2012-2013)
Enquiry of PPS 有關使用繳費靈戶口的查詢
Clarification on number of S1 classes
(1st Preliminary) Sing Tao Inter-school Debating Competition (English Session)
Introduction to STTSS and briefing for prospective S.1 Students & Application for S.1 Discretionary Places (2013-2014)
小六升中講座暨沙崇簡介 及 中一自行分配學位申請 (2013-2014) (Updated)
Thanksgiving Service and Speech Day 2012
感恩崇拜暨畢業禮 2012
The Pass-it-On Campaign 2012
Snowy Mooncakes Cooking Class
NESTA-SCMP Friendly Debate (Round one, 20th September, 2012)
Motion: “A vegetarian diet for humans is beneficial.”
香港中學文憑考試 特別考試安排申請
HKDSE Applications for Special Exam Arrangement
School Activities
運動會 2018-19
運動會 2018-19
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190308 教師活動日
190308 教師活動日
190307  風力車比賽
190307 風力車比賽
190307 建塔比賽
190307 建塔比賽
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