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2009-2010 Track Records over News
Results of the S2 Liberal Studies Project Competition 中二專題研習口頭匯報(結果)
2010~2011 S6 Tentative Name List 中六臨時取錄名單
Streaming Results for Prospective S4 Classes 升中四選科結果
S.5 Math Extended Module Streaming Results
Summer Courses for S.1 Promoters 2010-2011 中一新生暑期課程
S1 to S4 and S6 Students with Excellent Performance in Academic Year (2009-2010) 中一至中四及中六全年學科表現優異的學生名單 (2009-2010)
2010 Australian Mathematics Competition 2010 澳洲數學比賽
Results of the Teacher Commendation Scheme for 2009-2010
Timetable for Going Over Exam Answer Scripts 對卷時間表
PTA 'Dumpling Making Class' 家長教師會「粽子製作班」
S5 CE Practice: Reminders to Students and Timetable
Donation to victims of Qinghai Earthquake 捐助青海地震災民
S1 to S3 Students with Excellent Performance in Uniform Test (2009-2010) 中一至中三統一測驗學科表現優異的學生名單 (2009-2010)
南京考察團 (31/3/10-3/4/10) Study Tour to Nanjing
Caring Red Packet Fund Raising Program 愛心利是籌款活動
PowerPoint on NSS Liberal Studies for PTA’s talk on 13/3/2010 (新高中通識教育科簡介)
Parents’ Day: Responses to Parents’ Queries 家長日: 家長問題回應
Mock streaming result for prospective S4 students中三升中四模擬選科結果
STTSS PTA New Year Trip (Photo Album) 家長教師會元旦旅行照片集
Progress of School Reprovision 遷校進展
S1 to S4 and S6 Students with Excellent Performance in First Term (2009-2010) 中一至中四及中六上學期學科表現優異的學生名單 (2009-2010)
Cancellation of PTA activity 家長教師會「蘿蔔糕製作班」
Questions frequently asked by parents of P.6 students 小學家長致電查詢的熱門問題
Community Service Tour to Qing Xin County, China 2009 聖誕清新義工服務體驗團
List of students taking part in 2010 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools 國際聯校學科評估2010
MOI for Junior Forms and English Learning Support 初中教學語言及英語學習支援
S.1 Discretionary Places 中一自行分配學位
Introduction to STTSS and briefing for prospective S.1 Students 小六升中講座暨沙崇簡介
Talk on "How to help S.1 kids cope with the exams" 「如何協助中一子女預備考試」講座
NSS and S4 Subject Selection Talks 新高中學制及中四選科講座
Thanksgiving Service and Speech Day 2009 感恩崇拜暨畢業禮
STTSS Variety Show Video 沙崇匯演影片(28/09/2009)
PTA 'Snow-skin mooncakes making class' 家長教師會「冰皮月餅製作班」
List of students nominated to take part in the Gifted Programmes 獲提名參與資優課程之學生名單
Arrangements concerning the S.1 Life Education Camp (中一生命教育營安排)
Principal's Speech and Students' Sharing in the Thanksgiving Service and Opening Ceremony 開學禮感恩崇拜校長致辭及學生分享
School Activities
190610 教師活動日
190610 教師活動日
190531  京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190531 京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190527 中六惜別會
190527 中六惜別會
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190510 早會頒獎
190510 早會頒獎
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