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2007-2008 Track Records over News
The 41st Joint School Science Exhibition 第41屆聯校科學展覽
Arrangement of S.1 Orientation Day 新生輔導日事宜
Name list of the S.2 Science Elite Class (2008 – 2009) 中二及中三科學精英培訓班名單
S6 Tentative Name List 中六臨時取錄名單
Arrangement of S1 Promoter Summer Holiday Assignment 升中一暑期作業安排
English exercise book for summer holiday 小六升中一英文科暑期功課
List of Students with Excellent Performance in Final Exam (2007-2008) 期終考試表現優異學生名單(2007-2008)
Activity Cancellation Notice 取消活動通告
Arrangement for S & T Project Discussion 有關科學及科技科專題研習討論的安排
Arrangement for Summer Reading Class 「夏天也是讀書天」的安排
Arrangement of school events because of the red rainstorm warning on 26/06/08 因紅雨關係而改期之學校活動詳情 (26/06/08)
Details of changing TSA for S.3 and oral tests for S.4 and S.6 because of typhoon no.8 signal 因八號風球,中三TSA 及 中四、六口試改期詳情
Timetables for Going Over Examination Papers 試後校對試卷時間表
Musical Play Performed by S.H.O.W. 四海龍王樂隊演出音樂劇
S1 to S3 Students with Excellent Performance in Uniform Test (2007-2008) 中一至中三統一測驗學科表現優異學生名單(2007-2008)
S1 students taking part in the Youth Education Series organized by the Hong Kong Disneyland (中一學生參與香港迪士尼青少年奇妙學習系列)
Schedule of the Educational Television Programs Involving our School 以沙崇為主題的教育電視播放時間表
Inter-class Board Design Competition 班際壁報設計比賽 2007-2008
Sports Shoes Donation Activity 愛心小鞋子捐贈行動
Preventive Measures for Influenza 流感防禦措施
Sports Shoes Donation Activity 愛心小鞋子捐贈行動
School Drama Festival 學校戲劇節
Invitation for Tender (Running of School Tuckshop) 小食部招標資料
Invitation for Tender (Uniform Supplier) 校服供應商招標資料
Invitation for Tender (Sports Uniform Supplier) 運動服供應商招標資料
Our Response to the Nude Photos Scandal 回應「藝人不雅照片事件」措施
S2 Games Fair 中二英文攤位遊戲日
S1 to S4 and S6 Students with Excellent Performance in First Term (2007-2008) 中一至中四及中六上學期學科表現優異的學生名單(2007-2008)
Guidelines on School Uniform in Case of very Cold Weather 有關嚴寒天氣下校服指引
Introduction to STTSS and briefing for prospective S1 students 小六升中講座暨沙崇簡介
Application for S.1 Discretionary Places 中一自行分配學位申請
Students Guidance Day 輔導組大會
Prefect Training - War Game 領袖生野戰訓練
3A Voluntary Service - Visiting On Keung Nursery 中三義工服務 - 探訪安強幼兒學校
2008 International Assessments for Schools-Candidate List (國際聯校學科評估2008參賽者名單)
Visit Legislative Council 參觀立法會
Helping S1 Students to prepare for the first term exam 如何協助中一子女應付考試
Thanksgiving Service and Speech Day 2007 感恩崇拜暨畢業禮
The English Week 英語週
Model United Nations 模擬聯合國會議
List of students gaining provisional approval for taking extra subject for HKCEE 2009 修讀額外會考科目(2009)之暫准批核學生名單
Disney Youth Program, Hong Kong Disneyland 香港迪士尼樂園之青少年團隊計劃
Global Young Leaders' Conference 國際青年領袖會議
Talk on the New Senior Secondary Curriculum (for parents) 新高中課程家長講座
Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in Our School for 2007/08 校園常用英語詞彙
Revised approval list for students taking additional subjects for HKCEE 2008 修讀額外會考科目(2008)之學生修訂名單
Results of the SU election 學生選舉結果
Campus English for 2007/08 校園英語 2007/08
Campus English 校園英語
School Activities
運動會 2018-19
運動會 2018-19
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190308 教師活動日
190308 教師活動日
190307  風力車比賽
190307 風力車比賽
190307 建塔比賽
190307 建塔比賽
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