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2007-2008 Track Records over School Activities
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       Form One Orientation Day 中一迎新日 (25/08/2007)
       Thanksgiving Services and Commencement Ceremony 開學禮 (03/09/2007)
       Inter-house Basketball Competition 社際籃球比賽 (17-09/2007-29/09/2007)
       English Week 英語週 (25/09/2007-28/09/2007)
       The Inauguration of Student Leaders 學生領袖交職禮 (28/09/2007)
       Talk on New Senior Secondary Curriculum (for parents) 新高中課程家長講座 (29/09/2007)
       Inter-house Board Design Competition 社際壁報比賽 (03/10/2007)
       S.1 Life Education Camp 中一生命教育營 (04/10/2007-06/10/2007)
       Field Trip: Rocky Shore 野外考察 - 石灘 (06/10/2007)
       Inter-house Football Competition 沙崇足總盃 (25/10/2007-09/11/2007)
       Speech Day 畢業禮 (27/10/2007)
       S.5 Christmas Decoration Design Competition 中五級聖誕裝置設計比賽 (02/11/2007-11/12/2007)
       Parent – Teacher Day 家長教師日 (03/11/2007)
       School Picnic 旅行日 (05/11/2007)
       S.1 Inter-class Chinese History Quiz 中一級中史科問答比賽(09/11/2007)
       S.1 Inter-class English Quiz (STTSS Award) 中一班際問答比賽 (16/11/2007)
       S.1 Cafe 迎新麼麼茶 (16/11/2007)
       Blood Donation Day 捐血日 (28/11/2007)
       Christmas Service and Celebration 聖誕崇拜及聖誕聯歡 (21/12/2007)
       Class 3A Social Service 3A社會服務 (21/12/2007)
       Class 3E Social Service 3E社會服務 (21/12/2007)
       Taiwan Study Tour 台灣考察團(與中史科合辦) (12/07/2008-15/07/2008)
       Class 3B Social Service 3B社會服務 (02/12/2007)
       The 22nd Sports Day 第廿二屆社際田徑運動會 (10/01/2008-11/01/2008)
       Magic Show 魔術表演 (14/01/2008)
       Gospel Week Activities 福音週活動日 (21/01/2008)
       S2 Games Fair 中二英文攤位遊戲日 (28/01/2008)
       School Policy Week 校政醒醒你 (18/02/2008-22/02/2008)
       Long Distance Running Competition 長跑比賽 (29/02/2008)
       S.1 Parachute Design Competition 中一降落傘設計比賽 (03/03/2008)
       S.1 Science Quiz Competition 中一科學問答比賽 (04/03/2008)
       S.2 Paper Aeroplane Design Competition 中二紙飛機設計比賽 (04/03/2008)
       S.2 Science Quiz Competition 中二科學問答比賽 (04/03/2008)
       S.3 Egg Falling Competition 中三雞蛋撞地球比賽 (04/03/2008)
       S.4 & S.6 Model Boat Design Competition 中四及中六模型船設計比賽 (04/03/2008)
       Chemistry Experiment Demonstration 化學實驗示範 (04/03/2008)
       S.1 Chinese Character Input Competition 中一中文輸入法比賽 (05/03/2008)
       S.5 Graduation Dinner 中五級畢業聚餐 (20/03/2008)
       Inter-house Badminton Competition 社際羽毛球比賽 (21/03/2008)
       Class 3D Social Service 3D社會服務 (19/05/2008)
       Inter-class Basketball Competition 班際籃球比賽 (14/04/2008-30/04/2008)
       S.2 & S.3 Games Day (STTSS Award) 中二及中三級遊戲日 (24/04/2008)
       Class 3C Social Service 3C 社會服務 (03/05/2008)
       S.1 Drama Competition (Final) 中一話劇比賽 (決賽) (21/05/2008)
       Rope-skipping Day 跳繩同樂日 (26/06/2008)
       Inter-house Table-tennis Competition 社際乒乓球比賽 (27/06/2008)
       Singing Contest (Final) 歌唱比賽 (決賽) (27/06/2008)
       S.2 Project Presentation Competition (Final) 中二專題研習口頭匯報 (決賽) (30/06/2008)
       Students' Union Day 學生會日 (03/07/2008)
       Prize - giving Day 頒獎日 (08/07/2008)
       End-of-Term Ceremony 散學禮 (09/07/2008)
School Activities
運動會 2018-19
運動會 2018-19
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190308 教師活動日
190308 教師活動日
190307  風力車比賽
190307 風力車比賽
190307 建塔比賽
190307 建塔比賽
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