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2006-2007 Track Records over Achievements
IT Proficient Award
Medal Award – Maths (Secondary), International Assessments for Schools 2007
Paper-cutting Art depicts Paper-cutting Competition
Hong Kong Physics Olympiad (HKPho) 2007
The 1 st Moral Education Comics Design Competition (第一屆品德教育漫畫創作比賽)
Results of International Assessments for Schools 2006-2007
3rd Internet-based Robotics Inter-School Competition (IRIS)
2nd Competition on System Modeling and Optimization
2007 全港中學校際歌唱大賽
3rd Internet-based Robotics Inter-School Competition (IRIS)
40th J.S.S.E. Proposal Competition (聯校科學展覽建議書比賽)
9th Hong Kong Mathematics High Achievers Selection Contest
「愛自己•愛家庭•愛沙田─ 心理健康週」
HLMA Prize
Awards in the 59th HK Schools Music Festival
Hong Kong School Drama Festival
The Results of Inter-School Long Distance Running Competition
School Indoor Rowing Challenge 2007 (Shatin South)
A.S. Watson Group HK Student Sports Awards
Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad Final Event
The 9th Hong Kong Mathematics High Achievers Selection contest
6th Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition (Heat event)
Welcoming Immigrants Red Packet Design Competition
Awards in the 58th HK Schools Speech Festival (2006)
Award in Animated E-Card Design Competition
Award in Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics 2007 (HKOI2007)
2006 Australian Mathematics Competition
Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (痗彼ずФ)
The Results of Inter-school Cross-Country Competition
World Robot Olympiad (HK Section) 2006
The Results of Inter-school Swimming Championships
Support Measures for the Exeptionally Gifted Student Scheme
Mini Iron Man Award in the 8th Iron Man of Science Competition
Award of Merit in Youth Award Scheme
School Activities
運動會 2018-19
運動會 2018-19
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190315 輕談淺說話校政
190308 教師活動日
190308 教師活動日
190307  風力車比賽
190307 風力車比賽
190307 建塔比賽
190307 建塔比賽
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