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Mentorship Scheme

1. Target
  • New teachers

2. Objective

  • Experienced teachers guide and provide support to new teachers as mentors in hope of enhancing professional development.

3. Major support

  • Nurturing teaching quality
  • Adapting the school culture
  • Enhancing individual professional development

4. Supporting measures

  • Teaching: lesson preparation, lesson observation and sharing, etc.
  • Assessment: sharing of assignment design, assessment design and marking
  • Student support: sharing the ways of giving rewards and punishments, guiding and counselling students

5. Implementation

  • Mentors and mentees hold meetings and sharing according to the schedule given by the Staff Development Team.



School Activities
190610 教師活動日
190610 教師活動日
190531  京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190531 京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190527 中六惜別會
190527 中六惜別會
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190510 早會頒獎
190510 早會頒獎
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