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Life Education Camp
How worried and uneasy teenagers will feel when they are promoted from their familiar primary schools to new and strange secondary schools ? What problems will they have when medium of instruction changes from Chinese to English ? What challenges will they face when they grow from childhood to adolescence ?

Every summer holiday, a group of teachers dedicated to nurturing students spend a lot of effort in planning a 3-day Life Education Camp for all S1 freshmen.
  1. Aim :
    • To nurture in them the positive values Shatin Tsung-Tsiners should have
    • To get them know more about their teachers and classmates
    • To help them solve their learning difficulties
    • To build up their team spirit
  2. Date :
    • late September / early October
  3. Number of teachers joining the camp
    • around 20

School Activities
190610 教師活動日
190610 教師活動日
190531  京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190531 京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190527 中六惜別會
190527 中六惜別會
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190510 早會頒獎
190510 早會頒獎
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