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The Students’ Union

1. Principle

  • The Students’ Union never ceases providing various kinds of welfare and activities for schoolmates, and always make schoolmates’ wishes and benefits our top priority.

2. Implementation

  • The Students’ Union is a student-oriented organization that holds and coordinates activities for schoolmates as well as acts as a bridge for communication between the school management and schoolmates.
  • The cabinet of the Students’ Union consists of S3 to S5 students. Cabinet of each academic year is formed by election on an one-student-one-vote basis. All students of STTSS have the right to vote.
  • Every year the Students’ Union organizes different kinds of activities for schoolmates, including School Policy Forum, Inter-Class Dodgeball Competition, Singing Contest, Casual Dress Day, SU Camp and SU Day, etc.
  • The Students’ Union also actively establishes connections with other schools and takes part in inter-school activities, such as Inter-School Leadership Training Camp, Joint-School Oral Practices and Joint-School retail privileges.
  • Other than organizing various activities, the Students’ Union provides different kinds of welfare for schoolmates. The Students’ Union sells stationary items at low prices and holds Crazy Sale Days of stationary items regularly. Schoolmates may also loan balls, umbrellas from the Students’ Union, and photocopying and binding services are also available from the office of the Students’ Union.


    Please click the following link to the homepage of AURORA (the serving cabinet of the Students’ Union)




School Activities
190610 教師活動日
190610 教師活動日
190531  京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190531 京市懷柔區第四中學到訪
190527 中六惜別會
190527 中六惜別會
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190515 社際跳繩比賽
190510 早會頒獎
190510 早會頒獎
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