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Playing field for lunch-time activities @ Excitement is in the air Site for S2 Fun Fair : the Hall  (Jan, 2007) Venues for the English Week (Sep 2006) Broadcasting Tower Library for Web Resources Teacher Resources Centre Multi-media Learning Centre: TV news Exhibition Hall for Students' Masterpieces Boarding Place for our exchange students Hall of Honour (displaying students' achievement) Overseas Study Tour Centre STTSS Publishing Office : E-sTsungtsiners Rallying Ground for  Morning Assembly Print Media Centre :Wisenews Podcast Zone: Listeninng to outdoor broadcast  of situational English World English Corner: Learning American and British English Chinese Studies Centre: Learning Chinese Proverbs Hong Kong Education City Support  Office: for information about other language  arts  and debates On-campus Cinema: Movie Appreciation  Centre Research School of English Studies The English Society Base English Leadership Training  Site Sports Ground: A place to learn how to smile, how to  win and how to lose Outdoor Competition Venue : the forging  of team spirit The English Week (Sep 2007) Site for S2 Games Fair (Jan,2008)
S1 -The door to English  Literature
S3_ The Territory-Wide Assessment
Project Work
Campus English Information  Booth

The Journey of English Learning is long and winding, but the more you learn, the more you will appreciate its immense beauty and persuasive power.

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