Rooftop Farm


Why started a farm …


In the first year, 2011/2012, the school moved to the new premises, we had a beautiful rooftop garden.  In order to broaden our students’ learning experiences, we started a pilot project by holding an S1 inter-class crop planting competition.  Part of the garden was cleared for farming.


Through the competition, students learned and practiced the science of crop growing.  In addition, they experienced the hardship of work, and skills in cooperation.  In return, they gained friendship and the joy of fruitful harvest – a total weight of 84 pounds of lettuce within 2 months!




Clearance of a ledge of flowerbed for farming (3/2012)


Harvest of lettuce (5/2012)





Prepared for weighing


What a reward!


Further development …


With the successful implementation of the project, the function becomes a routine for the S1 students held in the first term.  In the second term, the land is leased to interested students of all forms.  


In the second year settling in the new premises, we extended the project to involve our teachers as a leisure activity.  Many teachers joined the activity.  But they had to “pay” – the effort to clear more land for cultivation.  Of course, their efforts were much rewarded.



The field

Sharing  time

The harvest