School Orchard


The Orchard


The orchard is located at the backyard of the school where you can find fruit trees like mango, longan, papaya, starfruit and guava.

The Joy of Harvest


In the first year of planting, we got over 100 papaya fruits with weight from 5 to 10 pounds each.  In the second year of planting, we got over 200 mangoes.  All members of the school were overjoyed with the great harvest and we shared the harvest with our gratitude to God. 










The Construction of the Orchard


The contractor of our new school premises had done the ground work of building a planting bed with some transplanted stocks of fruit trees.  To make the orchard more accessible to students, some helpful S1 girls volunteered to build a track in the orchard.  The fruit tress are showered by an automatic irrigation system designed by our teachers.


The site
Tree planting


Paving the track

Automatic irrigation system



Integrated Farming


Fertilizer application to the fruit trees is done by using the organic effluent collected from the ecological pond, another facility of the Science Park.  Such integrated farming lets students appreciate the importance of conservation.